Freeware software to check for security vulnerabilities in your network

PORT scanning is a popular way for hackers to look for security weaknesses on thousands of computers connected to the Internet. Your computer has probably been scanned at one time or another - without you knowing it. This is especially true if you have a dedicated connection. The chances of your computer being infiltrated are actually pretty small, but it’s still not a comforting thought.

AntiScanner is a specialized security application that monitors your computer for port scanning. While the program resides quietly from the system tray, it’ll listen on any number of specified ports. AntiScanner won’t automatically monitor tens of thousands of ports on your computer, so you’ll have to enter them manually.

When scanning has been detected, the program can instantly disconnect your computer from the Internet. It can even send a customized message back to the scanner’s computer. In addition, AntiScanner logs every unauthorised attempt to gain access to your computer. The log may be viewed from within the program’s small interface, and then saved as a plain text file for future reference.



AntiScanner 1.0.6